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USB Displayport Adapter causing BSOD with Intel HD4000 Graphics

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This computer problem was a bit tough for us to figure out originally. We had a local IT partner who was getting the blue screen of death when their USB to VGA displayport adapter was plugged in to their Asus Vivobook S400CA laptop computer running windows 8. If we unplugged the USB displayport adapter, no bluescreens.

We fired up the event logs, and saw around the time of the laptop crashing, lots of informational warnings about ipcdless.inf being installed multiple times, and “display driver igfx stopped working”.

There were kernel panic errors showing the computer had shutdown unexpectedly, so we decided to load up Bluescreenview to take a look at the recent memory dumps.

Sure enough, two crash dumps reported that igdkmd64.sys had caused a bluescreen. A bit of research suggested that Intel HD Graphics versions are a bit finicky. You should only really be using the latest authorized driver that is provided by your system manufacturer. We noticed that the Intel display driver had recently been updated.

The fix was to download the approved Intel Graphics (GMA) driver from the Asus manufacturer’s website and roll back the driver version. In this case, it was an August 2012 version vs the recently installed December 2012 version.

Strange, but often BSOD driver problems are – particularly with laptop repairs! Let us know in the comments below if this helped you with a similar issue.

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