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Microsoft: Russian “APT28” hackers exploit Windows Security flaw

Non-Technical Summary: Microsoft has issued a warning about a Russian hacking group known as APT28. This group has been exploiting a vulnerability in Windows to gain unauthorized access to systems and steal data1. They use a previously unknown hacking tool called GooseEgg to carry out…

Active Threat Hunting – a new Approach to IT Security – with Euclid Networks.

Ask your IT provider today what they do to proactively mitigate against cyber threats – and if you’re looking for a new technology partner for your business, contact us today! Please send an e-mail to, copying and pasting the following fields to complete :…

Three Microsoft 365 Compromises, 72 Hours

A Huntress Labs Security Case Study : Huntress has been hunting malicious actors across 50,000+ user accounts for 1,500+ small businesses enrolled in their Managed Detection and Response (MDR) for Microsoft 365 product. This is a repost from Huntress Lab’s Security Blog, where they outline…

Microsoft “Azure Active Directory” is being renamed Microsoft “Entra ID”

Just keep smiling at all the name changes – we certainly are! =)

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