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How to : Move Mozilla Thunderbird Profiles to a new (or different) computer in Windows 7 | Euclid Networks
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How to : Move Mozilla Thunderbird Profiles to a new (or different) computer in Windows 7

Moving profiles for the Thunderbird e-mail client is a pretty common task we have to do for support partners who get a new office computer, and use Thunderbird. Thankfully, unlike Microsoft Outlook, Thunderbird profiles are relatively easy to copy over between computers – thanks Mozilla!

Step 1 : Copying over your existing Thunderbird profile.

Thunderbird profiles are stored at : %APPDATA% \Thunderbird\Profiles\<Profile name>\

For more information on data paths, see :

We’ll want to copy over the complete Thunderbird directory for ease of transfer, so you can navigate to %APPDATA%\ and copy the entire %APPDATA%\Thunderbird folder over to %APPDATA%\  on the new machine.

Step 2 : Install Thunderbird on new machine.

Step 3 : Done! Launch Thunderbird, and all your data should show.

If for some reason you’ve completed the data transfer, and the correct Thunderbird profile isn’t showing up with your mail accounts – it’s most likely that your profile.ini is pointing to an already existing profile. Maybe you installed Thunderbird before copying the data over, for instance, and created a default profile.

Thankfully, Thunderbird has a ‘Profile Manager’ that can be launched by typing in ‘Thunderbird –profilemanager’ into your Start Menu ‘Run’ dialog box. More details on this can be found here :

Good luck with your move, hope this tech tip helps you out with your computer!

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